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About us

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Who We Are


Cora Spa is Dubai’s finest massage center. It is a place where residents of this breathless city can get revitalized and refreshed holistically. Our massage center that provides massage in Dubai is located in business bay. It is a throbbing business area full of important offices containing some of the most hard-working professionals in the town. Hence, this place is a convenient getaway where they can free themselves of the burdens of work. They also achieve mental and physical relaxation through massage nearby their offices.

Our Expertise

We possess unparalleled expertise in almost all varieties of massage that are popular in the world and have proven to be extremely effective. Be it the ancient Indian style of massage based on the principles of Ayurveda or Chinese massage utilizing the techniques of acupuncture. Whether it is the popular Thai massage or the lesser-known Shiatsu massage, we have a team that is extremely proficient in all of them.

There are various other varieties of massage also which we are equally comfortable. They are: VIP massage, Thai Herbal Heat massage, Russian massage, Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stone massage, Full Body massage, Cupping therapy and Foot reflexology.

Each one of these massage therapies require precision and deep understanding on the part of the therapist. We possess a team that has the necessary experience and knowledge to use these therapies in the most effective manner.

Our Facilities

We also stack our massage center downtown Dubai, with the best oils and other paraphernalia of massage. When you come to our center, you will find the best quality products specially chosen for each variety of massage. So, for hot stone massage, you will find the best stones sourced from the market. This will impact your body in a profound way.

Similarly, for those massages which require oils, we have the best variety of them brought from the best sources. Other necessary objects like cots, towels, heaters, etc. too will be of the highest standard.

The center itself gives off a relaxing vibe due to the wonderful ambience in it. You will be greeted with the best aromas and the most soothing interior decorations. The art and flowers, all would combine to put you in a most positive frame of mind even before the massage therapy actually begins.

The Staff

Staff members at this massage spa near Dubai Mall focus on ensuring your comfort and your relaxation. They would listen to you patiently and would take into consideration all your concerns and requirements. If you have already decided what kind of massage you want, they will guide you through the procedure. They will arrange for your therapy as quickly as possible.

Even who are not familiar with different varieties and want to know what’s best for them, will have no difficulties. We will help them in finding their way to the best therapy for them. The experts in our team would take into account their expectations and the problems they seek to address.

They would guide you to the most appropriate massage therapy where our experts would provide you the care you need.

Our massage therapists are highly-skilled and experienced. Based on your requirements, they will work on those areas which need most care and try and provide you a most soothing experience.

Why Cora Spa?

We boast of being the best massage spa in Dubai. This is because we combine expertise in our therapies with a highly sympathetic outlook towards our clients. We realise that people visiting us are hard-working professionals and are not able to find time for themselves easily.

Therefore, we try to optimize the benefits of every visit that our clients make to our center. We have also kept three different options in terms of the duration of the massage for some of our services. So, those who can’t spare much time can opt for a 30-minute massage. Those with a little more can go for the one-hour package or even the 90-minute one.

To Conclude

In the end, let us just say that massage near Sheikh Zayed Road is meant for all types of people. Everyone who walks into this massage spa will realise that. Whether it is hard-working professionals or athletes, they would all feel, “wow, massage spa near me. I must take advantage!” So, come to our center for massage in Business bay and enter a new level of relaxation. No matter how tired you are on walking in, you will walk out fully re-energized. This spa massage in Business Bay promises that.